Arc-en-Ciel (Pronounced in French: Ark - ohn - See - ell)
It's the French word for "rainbow",
which is what we do best! - produce the finest rainbow trout available.

Ben Davies is a three star Michelin chef




Situated high on the Great Dividing Range, nestled above the village of Nundle, (about 80km South-East of Tamworth NSW), Arc-en-Ciel Rainbow Trout have been hatching and growing the finest rainbow trout for more than twenty years. Enjoying an abundance of crystal clear spring water the farm's success is it's flow-through growing system. Arc-en-Ciel Trout Farm are suppliers of whole fresh trout, fresh trout fillets, whole smoked trout and smoked trout fillets, smoked trout pate, rainbow trout caviar.



Summer 2014/15 is almost over

It's been a very challenging summer season with sales of our Smoked Trout Fillet range on the rise and water availablity due to the drought falling. November 2014's heatvave put a severe dent in our stocks but Christmas brought us good rain and the last few months have been good for growing our remaining fish. Our juvenile stocks are good and we have closed the fingerling selling season this month on a record. Most of our fingerlings have been relocated to the southern parts of NSW where rainfall has been better, with very few going into the New England area. 

Our 2014/15 Rainbow Trout Fingerling ORDER BOOK is now CLOSED.

Our new season Rainbow Trout Fingerlings will be available from the end of September 2015.

Information on fingerling prices and availability

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GOLD MEDALS (Royal Hobart Fine Food Show):

Honey Smoked Trout Fillets

Coriander Chilli & Lemongrass Smoked Trout Fillets

SILVER MEDAL (Sydney Royal Fine Food Show)

Smoked Trout Soup with Yabbies

SILVER MEDALS (Royal Hobart Fine Food Show)

Lime-Vodka Cured Trout Gravlax

whole Smoked Trout

BRONZE MEDALS (Sydney Royal Fine Food Show)

Whole Smoked Trout

Honey Smoked Trout Fillets